Error code list for Xiaomi M365 electric scooter

Error code list for Xiaomi M365 electric scooter

We can get the Xiaomi Mi 365 error codes in two different ways:

  • From the official mobile app (MI Home - for iPhone and Android users) or the m365 tools (for Android users, we recommend this app as it is quicker easier to use) if we have the Bluetooth connection available.
  • With a series of long and short beeps and/or with the green LED sequence of flashing.

The errors are defined by two digits, the first is defined with the long signal and the second with the short signal. For example, two long beeps and four short ones will indicate a “2 4” error (Abnormal system voltage).

The error codes may vary depending on the firmware in future updates.

Xiaomi M365 error codes:

1 0 Communication with the panel is anomalous
1 1 Phase A of the motor current is abnormal
1 2 Phase B of the motor current is abnormal
1 3 Phase C of the motor current is abnormal
1 4 Acceleration sensor reading is abnormal
1 5 Brake sensor read is abnormal
1 8 Motor sensor read is abnormal
2 1 Communication error with the BMS
2 2 Bad BMS password
2 3 Serial number of the anomalous BMS
2 4 Abnormal system voltage
2 6 Save operation in the Flash memory is wrong, please check the controller
2 7 Bad controller password
2 8 Some state of the MOSFET is anomalous
2 9 Low status of the MOSFET is anomalous
3 1 Program jump error
3 5 Serial number of the scooter is wrong
3 9 Temperature of the battery sensor is abnormal
4 0 Sensor temperature of the controller is abnormal

Do not panic by the error, most of the errors can be solved. Some of them require changing a part, others just adjusting a cable will do the trick. We will try to provide insights on how to solve the most common ones in the following posts.

Finally, we recommend maintaining the original parts of the scooter and not performing software modifications. This will minimize the errors and will extend the life of your vehicle.

Do not hesitate to visit us in our store if you need assistance!

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