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Step by step guide

Don't worry, it is super easy!

  • Circulation areas
  • How to circulate
  • How to use

Cycling roads are the best way to move around with the electric scooters, here you can find a high resolution image with all the roads.
You can dock the scooters in biking docks, check here their location 
You can circulate in blue areas (Zona 30), and yellow (peaceful path), blue (cycling road) and green ("natural" paths).
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  1. Please follow carefully local regulations of how to circulate with the scooter around the city. 
  2. You cannot ride a scooter if you are under 16 years old.
  3. You are not allowed to ride above 20 km/h.
  4. Pedestrians always have priority.
  5. It is mandatory to use helmet.
  6. You must ride your scooter in the appropriated areas and roads: Cycling paths (red colour); Roads under 30 km/h. In those roads there are signs informing that cars and other vehicles cannot ride above 30km/h (blue colour); Pedestrian avenues and parks. You can ride in those roads at a maximum velocity of 10km/h. 
  7. Under no circumstances you will be able to ride on the sidewalks.
  8. You must always have a respectful and prudent attitude and respect the all the general traffic rules.

If any irresponsibility is committed, any traffic rule is broken or any accident is caused, the user will be the only responsible for any possible outcome, sanctions or penalty.For more detailed information please click here.

Getting started

Stand on the footrest with one foot and push off with your foot to start gliding.

Note. For your safety, the motor will not engage until the scooter reachs 3km/h.

Put your other foot on the footrest to keep both feet stable. Press the throttle on right hand to speed up when you are balanced.

Slow down by releasing the throttle: stir the brake handle thumb shifter wuickly and stramp the fender with foot at the same time to trigger mechanical braking in order to make a sharp brake.

Safety measures

Wear a helmet.

DO NOT tide the scooter in rain.

DO NOT ride over speed bumps, thresholds, or other bumps at HIGH SPEED.

Watch your speed when traveling downhill. Use both brakes together when traveling at high speed.

DO NOT ride on public roads, motorways, or highways in which vehicles can move above 30 km/h.

DO NOT take your hands off the handlebar while riding. Do not ride with one hand only.

Folding & Unfolding

Step on the folding pedal while pushing the handlebar forwards slightly. Then fold the handlebar down until it locks into the rear fender.

Press down the rear fender to release the handlebar.

Other relevant features

Power on the scooter and check the indicator lamp power level. Charge the scooter if the battery level is low.

Click twice to change the gear.

Click once to turn on/off the front light.

Check the video the video

  • Xiaomi m365 (Standard) - ENG
  • Xiaomi m365 (Estándar) - ESP