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Why Barcelona may be the best city to visit with electric scooters by Adrià Aguadé

More than 9 million tourists visit Barcelona every year and they are increasingly using electric scooters to enjoy the city. The reasons why Barcelona is the perfect place to visit by an electric scooter are:

Barcelona has amazing weather:

It rains a few days per year. In Barcelona, it rains around just 4 days per month (2 days during summer) compared to 16 days in London or 13 days in Paris for example.

Actually, it’s funny to know that at the end of the year it rains the same quantity in Barcelona (612 mm annually on average) than in London (621 mm) or Paris (637 mm). So it means that in Barcelona, when it rains it does it heavily during a 20min storm for example, instead of being raining a little bit all day.

The temperature is also great. During the summer the average temperature is 22ºC and during the winter 12ºC, so during the winter it’s warmer than almost all other cities and during the summer the temperature is not very hot because of the sea. So this is another reason why Barcelona is a perfect place to ride electric scooters.

And furthermore, the sunshine is excellent. As you can see in the image below, Barcelona has more than 2.500 hours of sun per year.

Temperature around Europe

Barcelona is located between mountains and the sea

Not all the cities have sea, so here you can enjoy the beach and ride the scooters along the seaside from one side to the other. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can do such as volley, surf, windsurf, etc.

And on the other side of the city, there is a mountain (more than 500m high) where you can enjoy fresh air, views, and nature. People usually go there to disconnect and do some sport. Furthermore, on the mountain, there is a Theme Park called Tibidabo.

Barcelona has cycle lanes almost everywhere

As you can see in the image below, Barcelona has an impressively, more than 300 km, cycle lane, and there are also a lot of roads where cars must drive under 30 km/h and you can ride a bike or an electric scooter. So if you rent an electric scooter in Barcelona you will be able to visit the entire city without problems.

Barcelona biking lanes

Barcelona offers cheap prices

Prices in Barcelona are cheaper than most other European cities. For example, in countries like Norway, you must pay more than 9€ for a beer in a bar and around 25€ for just a burger, while in Barcelona with just 2€ you have a good beer and with just few euros, the burger.

So the same occurs if you want to rent an electric scooter. In Barcelona, it’s cheaper to rent electric scooters, and Lynx is actually the cheapest choice. You can rent an electric scooter for 24 hours for just 25 euros. You can rent it at https://www.lynxsharing.com/.

Barcelona is a multicultural city

Barcelona is a very open city with people from all countries. So by renting an electric scooter and riding it, you will feel like at home!

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